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Why Parent counselling?

Do you struggle with your child's mealtime, screentime & bedtime?

Does your child throw a tantrum or yell & scream when he wants something?

Do you want to raise your child to be confident & responsible?

Do you struggle keeping your calm when your child is not listening to you?

Does your child not listen to you?

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Lets figure it out together and work on it

Imagine you are assigned a job where you have to work 24/7 & are responsible for the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual & religious needs of a human being.

I know you are already doing this job but I am sure it is overwhelming for you as it is for everyone!

Wouldn't it be great?

If I told you, you could have access to tools, skills & strategies to navigate through this journey of parenthood.

We at Saral Parenting are here to simplify your parenting journey by giving you these tools & strategies!

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How it works


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Understand 'What' are the challenges you are facing.


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Find out "Why' is your child showing difficult behaviours


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Know 'How' to deal with those difficult behaviour & situations


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Create a bond & a connection where your child feels Loved, Safe & Secure

What people say about Saral Parenting

Nafisa Bagir

Mother of a teenager
5 star customer rating

"Zainab you were always attentive & never judgmental & you have helped me to get out of this difficult time. I was upset,anxious & angry a lot of times, especially when dealing with my daughter.With your sessions I have learnt not to let my hurt feelings turn into anger,frustration & deal with them in different way. My relationship has taken a positive turn. All thanks to you dear. Allah bless you"

Shehnaz Bharmal

Mother of 2 toddlers
5 star customer rating

"Firstly, I want to thank you. You are doing really greatwork. You are totally changing my way of thinking & changing life too.After your proper guideline, I totally changed my way with my naughty boy. Youare motivating a mom.How to handle a naughty child with a magic of words. The wayyou explain and your videos is inspiring us more and more."

Snehal Nayak

Mother of a 1 year old
5 star customer rating

"I was facing some issues with my 1 year old suddenly not sleeping well at night. So, I thought of taking one paid session with Zainab. She guided me extremely well, helping me out with the factors that might be over stimulating my kid & toning it down to keep her physically &mentally calm. I started applying these pointers & could see a positive change within a day itself. Of course, my daughter’s sleeping pattern is still not fully established as she’s teething + her 12 months regression but yes, overall, her sleep has surely become better and qualitative as a result of Zainab’s guidance and help. Thanks Zainab and wishing Saral parenting the best always! May you reach the sky and the zenith! Loads of blessings"

Arwa parsola

Mother to a 9 year old girl
5 star customer rating

"Thank you so so so very much Zainab ben for all your guidelines & support. It worked like magic for me. During all our sessions you understood me & my problem very well & gave me solutions which worked 100% for me. Now I understand my child's behavior & try to solve everything in positive way You are doing a great job ben thank you."

Zainab Baugwala

Mother to a 3 year old boy
5 star customer rating

"Zainab ben motivated me to explore a new parenting style more helpful to my child. Her mentoring  provided me with a fresh outlook of parenting helping me to make bedtime fun and peaceful bonding time with my little loved one. Her patient presence elevated my concerns , answered many questions. I am on awe of her understanding of the parent - child dynamic . She not only has  in-depth knowledge but also how to apply it and modify it to individual differences."

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